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Custom Hand Painted Cabinet Hardware, and Accessories.
Knobs, Pulls & Handles for kitchen, bathroom, built-ins, furniture doors and drawers.
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Judestuff accessories are made to coordinate with other stuff or stand alone.
Most accessories can be painted in most Knob Designs.
Do you have some ideas for wall plates or tissue boxes?
How about some fabrics, wall paper, or any other samples of you own?
Let's talk.

Fat Stripe and Checked Switch Plates. Switch Plates, Electrical Wall Plates, Cable & Phone Plates
Many combos for switch or outlets. Traditional cuts only. Sorry, just can't get good quality GFCI at this time. Prices start at $40.00 and up.

Click here for wall plates.
Tissue box Cover Boutique Tissue Box Covers
Spotted (shown), fat stripe or checks.
Select your colors.
Stripe or Spotted Tissue Box Cover $60.00
Checked Tissue Box Cover $75.00

Or, request a design. Prices vary.

Fan or light cord/chain pull bobble balls Fan and Light Cord Pull Baubles
These come in Small 1¼", Medium 1½" and Large 1¾" sizes and can be painted in most of the ball knob designs. Select your Colors.
Small Fan/Light Bauble $18.00
Medium Fan/Light Bauble $20.00
Large Fan/Light Bauble $22.00
Blind cord ball and bead bobble Blind Cord Pull Baubles
Replace those plastic caps on the end of your blind cord with these 1" ball baubles. Tie it on, the big bead covers your knot.
Select from ball knob designs and Colors.
Blind Cord Ball Bauble  $16.50
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