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Custom Hand Painted Cabinet Knobs, Pulls and Handles
Custom Hand Painted Cabinet Knobs Hardware, and Accessories.
Knobs, Pulls & Handles for kitchen, bathroom, built-ins, furniture doors and drawers.
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Cabinet Knobs, Drawer Pulls & Handles are a fun and easy way to update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dressers and other furniture and/or built-ins. For any room in your digs, go ahead, get creative!

Each cabinet knob and pull made here is meticulously hand painted and expertly finished. They look like porcelain or ceramic but wont break, chip, crackle or yellow over time.

My custom paint-per-order service provides an unlimited array of design options and color choices. So mix 'em or match 'em. From simple and sophisticated to joyful and fanciful, there are just no limits!
  • Prices are 'each'. Sorry, no discounts for larger orders. Hand painted -
    more knobs means more work!
  • Colors vary between browsers & monitors. So check out Color Tips before ordering.
  • Lead time for most knob orders is running about 4-ish weeks. I paint as fast as I can without sacrificing quality. I offer a guesstimate, but in the end it takes as long as it takes.

    For more detailed information please see: ORDERING INFORMATION PAGE

Each ball knob comes with its very own #11 screw.
If you are using an Extender Bead it comes with a #12 screw.

(listed at the bottom of this section)
Please consult your trusty measuring device.

Spiral Cabinet Knobs Really Cool Spiral Cabinet Knobs
1001 combos, from fun to sophisticated!
Select two colors, gloss or matte finish.
Small Spiral Cabinet Knob $18.00
Medium Spiral Cabinet Knob $20.00
Large Spiral Cabinet Knob $22.00
Click here for Polka Dots Cabinet Knobs and Pulls Polka Dots Cabinet Knobs
All the same color dots or multi-color polka dots. Fun or sophisticated. Polka dots are for everyone, anywhere!

Click here to see Polka-Dots stuff!
Cummerbund Cabinet Knobs Cummerbund Cabinet Knobs
Chunky stripe band middle.
Select one background color and two stripe colors. Gloss or matte finish.

Small Cummerbund Knob  $18.00
Medium Cummerbund Knob $20.00
Large Cummerbund Knob $22.00
Spotted Cabinet Knobs Spotted Cabinet Knobs
Select two colors.
Gloss or matte (shown) finish.

Small Spotted Cabinet Knob   $18.00
Medium Spotted Cabinet Knob $20.00
Large Spotted Cabinet Knob $22.00

Coordinating/Matching Handles available too!
Six Rings Cabinet Knobs Six Rings Cabinet Knobs
As Seen on HGTV's Designers Challenge !
Two, three or six (shown) colors. Each knob can have step up color positioning or matching. Two colors alternate, three colors show twice each, six colors show once each.
Gloss or matte finish. Select colors.

Small Six Rings Cabinet Knob $22.00
Medium Six Rings Cabinet Knob $24.00
Click here for Solid Cabinet Knobs and Pulls   Simple (One Color) Knobs & Pulls
One color knobs coordinate with design knobs or stand alone. A quick and inexpensive way to add color to your cabinets, drawers and/or furniture. I offer glitter and pearl finish as well.

Click here for solid ball knobs and other FUN simple one-color options.
Power Flower Cabinet Knobs   Power Flower Cabinet Knobs
Select Three (preferably contrasting) colors. Gloss or matte finish.

Small Flower Cabinet Knob $18.00
Medium Flower Cabinet Knob $20.00
Large Flower Cabinet Knob $22.00
Fat Curl Cabinet Knobs   Big Fat Curl Cabinet Knobs
Curl starts at center, swoops down and around side.
Select background color and curl color.
Gloss or matte finish.
Small Big Curl Cabinet Knob   $18.00
Medium Big Curl Cabinet Knob $20.00
Large Big Curl Cabinet Knob $22.00
Jerrie Stripe Cabinet Knobs   'Jerrie' Stripe Cabinet Knobs
Named for one of my favorite clients.¼" stripes.
Select two or three colors. Gloss or matte finish.
Small 2-Color Jerrie Stripe Knob $18.00
Medium 2-Color Jerrie Stripe Knob $20.00
Large 2-Color Jerrie Stripe Knob $22.00
Small 3-Color Jerrie Stripe Knob  $20.00
Medium 3-Color Jerrie Stripe Knob $22.00
Large 3-Color Jerrie Stripe Knob $24.00
Six-Sector Cabinet Knob   Six-Sector Cabinet Knobs
Two, three or six colors.
Select your colors. Gloss or matte finish.
Small 2 Color Six-Sector Knob $18.00
Medium 2 Color Six-Sector Knob $20.00
Large 2 Color Six-Sector Knob $22.00
Small 3/6 Color Six-Sector Knob $20.00
Medium 3/6 Color Six Sector Knob $22.00
Large 3/6 Color Six Sector Knob $24.00
Half & Half Cabinet Knobs   Half & Half Cabinet Knobs
Select two colors.
Gloss or matte finish.
Teeny Half & Half Cabinet Knob $12.00
Small Half & Half Cabinet Knob $14.00
Medium Half & Half Cabinet Knob $16.00
Large Half & Half Cabinet Knob   $20.00

Coordinating/Matching Handles available too!
Smiley Face Cabinet Knobs   Smile Cabinet Knobs
Traditional Retro Smiley Face.
Yellow background or select color(s).
Small Smile Cabinet Knob $14.00
Medium Smile Cabinet Knob $16.00
Large Smile Cabinet Knob $18.00
Eye Ball Cabinet Knobs   Eyeball Cabinet Knobs
Flecks of color make these eyeball knobs more realistic yet not 'buggy' or creepy.
Blue, Brown or Hazel. Glossy finish.
Small Eyeball Cabinet Knob $14.00
 Medium Eyeball Cabinet Knob $16.00
Size Inches (diameter)
Teeny 1"
Small 1¼"
Medium 1½"
Large 1¾"
2", 2¼", 2½", 2¾" 3"
(special request, prices vary)
  • Ball knobs work best if doors/drawers open and/or slide easily.
  • If doors need a tug or drawers drag, add extender beads.
BACK TO TOP Ball Knob & Extender Bead  

These little beads float the ball knobs up and away from cabinet or drawer surface adding 'grip' and look great too! Use small beads with teeny, small, & medium pulls. Large beads look good with medium, large and larger knobs. Stripe or solid, matte or gloss finish.

Extender Beads

Small Solid Extender Bead  $ 2.00
Small Striped Extender Bead  $ 4.00
Large Solid Extender Bead  $ 3.00
Large Striped Extender Bead  $ 5.00
LOVE the ball shape ... some designs just work better on these flat top tenoned knobs....




2" Square Knobs
Stripe Cabinet Knobs  

Striped Cabinet Knobs  $24.00each
Two or four color (not shown) ½" stripes.
Select two or four colors, gloss or matte finish.
Sorry, check knobs have been discontinued.

Coordinating Pulls coming soon!

2" Square Window Cabinet Knobs  

Window Cabinet Knobs $24.00each
Two or three squares in a square.
Select base color, frame color, inside frame color for three squares, and center square color.
2" Squares, 1-3/8" base, ¾" deep.
Gloss or matte finish.


Swirl Cabinet Knobs       $24.00each
Select base color, background color and swirl color.
2" Squares, 1-3/8" base, ¾" deep.
Gloss or matte finish.

Silly Faces Cabinet Knobs  

Silly Face Knobs             $24.00each
Order a mix of faces shown (i.e. top right face with chartreuse background, one just like the aqua bottom row second from the left, etc.) Select from many colors for the backgrounds.

Gecko Cabinet Knobs  

Gecko Cabinet Knobs    $24.00each

Lime Green Gecko
on Aqua, Purple, or Periwinkle Background with complimentary color 'spine', black/white strise.
2" Squares, 1-3/8" base, ¾" deep.

Gloss or matte finish.

1-3/4" Diameter Round Knobs
Colorful Fish Cabinet Knobs  

Fish Cabinet Knobs     $26.00each
7-color fish knobs, 7 background colors:
Aqua, Lime, Magenta, Periwinkle, Sun, Purple and Cantaloupe.
1¾" Diameter, 1" base, 1" Deep.

Black/white base, gloss or matte finish.
Available with painted eye, moving pupil 'peeper' eye, or rhinestone eye.


Fruit Cabinet Knobs     $26.00each

1¾" Diameter, 1" base, 1½" Deep.

Striped base, gloss or matte finish.

Click here for fruit knobs

Animal Print Cabinet Knobs  

Animal Print Knobs  $26.00each
Metallic or non-metallic Cheetah, Tiger and Snow Leopard. Non-metallic Zebra, Giraffe (not shown), and Cow.
1¾" Diameter, 1¾" base, 1½" deep.
Realistic (shown) or select fantasy/fun colors. Gloss or matte finish.

Moon and Stars Cabinet Knobs   Glitter Bug Knobs         $22.00each

Glitter bug cabinet knobs.
1-3/4" Diameter, colorful glitter scarab or beetle design. 1" base, 1" deep.
Available in four lime green, blue, bubble gum pink, magenta (not shown) and orange.
Unique Hand Made Craft Knobs

Borings are 'center-to-center'. Measure from center of one (screw) hole to center of the other.




HUNKY Pulls are 96mm boring on-center, 4⅜" over all, ⅝" thick, 1¼" deep.
Small Pulls: 3" boring on-center, 3½" end-to-end, ½" thick, 1" projection.

Cabint Pulls - Multidot   Polka Dots Pulls - Handles
Multi-dots and 2-Color Polka Dot Pulls come in CHUNKY 96mm size only.

Click here to see Polka-Dots Stuff.
Solid (One Color) Pulls - Handles   Solid Pulls - Handles
Simple solid ONE COLOR pulls.
Select one color.
Gloss or matte finish.

Small 3" Boring Solid Pull $14.00
CHUNKY 96mm Boring Solid Pull $20.00

Click here to see more solid pulls and knobs and more simple one-color options
Half and Half Pulls - Handles  

Half & Half Pulls - Handles
CHUNKY (not shown) and s
mall (bottom) pulls.

Longer size pulls (shown top) are discontinued. Chunky size now available.

Select two colors. Gloss or matte finish.

Small 3" Boring Half & Half Pull $20.00
CHUNKY 96mm Half & Half Pull $14.50
Spotted Pulls - Handles  

Spotted Pulls - Handles
CHUNKY and small size.
Longer size pulls (shown top) are discontinued. Chunky size now available.

Select two colors.
Gloss or matte finish.

Small 3"cc Spotted Pull $18.00
CHUNKY 96mm Spotted Pull $24.00
Unique Hand Made Craft Pulls - Handles
Custom Hand Made Pulls - Handles   Custom Hand 'Made-to-Fit' Pulls
Want/need neato handles to replace old crappy stuff? Custom pulls/handles coordinate/match most knob designs!

Click here to see custom handles.

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